Our aim is to strengthen the coffee shop and CSC industry through our expertise, customised solutions and services.

What we’re good at?

Our ultimate goal is to help strengthen the coffee shop and CSC sector and increase sales, optimise operations and strengthen your brand.

We deliver excellent service, exceptional customer service and we create sustainable success for our customers.

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Complete and clear product information

Touch screen access to fast nformation about cannabis products

Customers can place orders quickly and efficiently with 1 touch

Designed specifically for coffee shops and cannabis stores

Various small and big models available

Educate and Empower Your Customers with Accessible Cannabis Information


Enable Quicker, More Efficient Customer Orders with Our Stunning Designs and Technology

Tailor-Made for Coffee Shops and Cannabis Stores to Enhance Service


Simple, personalised and visually appealing test reports with a summary of all results for customers and employees.

Our test reports are designed so that they can be distributed on your screens, websites, mobile or via other media

Use the QR codes on the packaging and in the case. They will take you to your own menu with personalised product pages with the original test reports

Delta 9 Media offers coffee shops and cannabis social clubs a comprehensive and legal testing service to ensure the safety and quality of cannabis products and share important knowledge with customers!

Customers using our services

We've partnered with the better coffeeshops brand names to deliver insights, solutions and excellent customer service


Your customers can find detailed product information and visuals of your menu from any location by simply scanning the QR code or visiting the link

Unique way of sharing your menu with customers

Highly customised and always up-to-date

Including qr codes and statistics

Customers have all the time to deside what to try

"Customers and members can compare products and make informed choices from their mobile phones with your online menu"


We make high-resolution images or video's of your products

Fast and easy to adjust or create a sequence to display

Upgrade your shop or club with stunning visuals on your screens

Informative, Educational, captivating and revenue- enhancing

Easy to use software and fast to adjust menu screens!

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